Decision on Ebbsfleet tunnels offers a sustainable future

bean tunnel ebbsfleet

Last Wednesday (27th May 2020), after months of hard work and technical appraisal, Councillors at Kent County Council considered safeguards for the future of a Garden City public transport route which could be used by the cross- river KenEx tram.

In a show of support for sustainable future development, Councillors agreed to the construction of a new tunnel and not to infill an existing tunnel, but consider alternatives safeguarding future transportation options utilising this existing asset.

Gordon Pratt with Baroness Randerson, Spokesperson for Transport at the Observatory, Ebbsfleet

KenEx Managing Director, Gordon Pratt said:

ā€œWe welcome that Kent County Council Councillors have voted through crucial infrastructure to create the key public transport link between the new Ebbsfleet developments and Bluewater Shopping Centre. This connection is crucial to significantly reduce journey times by public transport. Furthermore, planners stated that the dimensions of the new tunnel will mean that it will, in the future, be able to take trams as well as buses which is key to Kent County Councilā€™s stated aim of carrying up to 30 million passengers a year, equivalent to the London Tramlink network. A local tram network has broad support by local residents which has been recognised by Councillors who voted unanimously to request consideration of retaining an older tunnel and that the planners look “not to infill” but to consider alternative options safeguarding the future.

Gavin Cleary, CEO Locate in Kent, said:

ā€œWith millions being spent on improved public transport and infrastructure, Kent is set to reap the rewards over the next decade in attracting jobs, opportunities, and growth. These projects will add to that sense of momentum, with improved links for communities on either side of the river a key part of plans to unlock the potential of the Thames Estuary region as a major hub for growth industries in the UK.ā€

Tony Young, Director, Travel Watch North West and Tramway consultant commented:

“Having been heavily involved in the planning for Manchester’s Metrolink tram system, this has now become the largest and most successful tramway in Britain. Subsequently working as a tramway consultant for Kent County Council, in 1995 a tramway was planned linking Bluewater with Ebbsfleet, Dartford and Gravesend. There is now a great opportunity to safeguard the future option of developing a new tramway using part of the Fastrack busway linked to a new Thames crossing in a tunnel which will create routes directly linking Kent with Essex. Maintaining the old north tunnel within the Eastern quarry development will enable the growth in capacity to be retained for future generations. I am confident that the exciting and imaginative KenEx tram plans will dramatically enhance the local economy and environment of Thames Gateway.”