Survey Feedback

KenEx Survey Results

During 2020 Thames Gateway Tramlink conducted an online survey via this website, attracting comments via social networks, community groups and local press.

The images below reflect the overall feedback for the questions we could chart. We also asked your opinion of the network proposal within free form text response. A sample of these comments can be found at the bottom of this page.

In total 402 people engaged with the survey.

An outstanding majority of comments were positive of the network / tram proposal, especially for the river crossing part of the project.

It was very clear from your comments, you understood the benefit of having an additional ‘resilient’ way to cross the river without having to use the M25 or Dartford Crossing.

A high number of comments received were related to ticketing and being able to use a combined ‘tap in / tap out’ service like what TfL operate.

In response to this, we hope the operator of KenEx will use the latest contactless technology and, if other regional operators agree, integrated ticketing could be a possibility.

We believe the tram will exercise competitive rates of travel, will remain affordable and represent good value for money.

We want to attract users by having an accessible easy to use network for everybody that is an environmentally sound & efficient way to travel!

  • This map represents feedback density within the core network area of KenEx.
  • When asked ‘How often do you use public transport’
kenex tram survey 2020

We are encouraged with this response. It demonstrates a lot of people do already use public transport and frequently. However, with improved network connectivity, reliable trip times and quality of transport, we hope to encourage the 22% who don’t currently use any local forms of public transport to use it.

  • What would you use KenEx Tram for?
kenex tram survey 2020

A new reliable way to cross the river will enable stronger commuting opportunities. Part of our early studies revealed an abundance of employment in Thurrock, yet very few from Kent work in Thurrock / South Essex and vice-versa.

  • When asked ‘If pollution and traffic congestion is a problem in your area’
KenEx Tram Survey results

We all witness the congestion on our local roads and the associated pollution that comes with it. It is well documented we live in one of the most polluted regions in the UK. We hope, as more people make fewer trips by car we can help local air quality improve.

  • Would a tram help the local environment?
kenex tram survey 2020

By removing local traffic from the M25 & Dartford crossing we will help make improvements to our local air quality. Highways England conducted a travel survey using mobile phone data in 2016 that revealed 30% of Dartford crossings were to local destinations. There are in excess of 50 million vehicle crossings per year.

Gridlocked M25 Dartford Crossing

Highways England 2016 Consultation

If KenEx Tram was used for these trips, the road crossing would enjoy less congestion with freely flowing traffic and less pollution.

  • Would more Public Transport options help you?
kenex tram survey 2020

This feedback suggests reliable journey times are important to you and that buses on some parts of the network do suffer long delays caught up in traffic congestion. Tram networks have priority on the highway, as such a tram will always operate to a very accurate time table. This means you will always be able to accurately calculate trip times irrespective of how busy the roads are!

  • What is your initial impression of KenEx Tram, linking Grays & Ebbsfleet via river tunnel?

A useful, “green” addition to existing and other planned transport choices.

Fantastic idea. Shame it doesn’t go out further to Chelmsford to link with transport to Broomfield Hospital

Fantastic idea to definitely link Chadwell st mary highly approve

Public transport improvements are needed far more than any road improvements..the development needs to give people realistic travel options as an alternative to car travel

An exciting project to link the growing communities

Looks a very impressive plan, really hope this works out as it would improve transport links between Kent and Essex. At the moment transport is via car or ferry.

It would make commuting far easier for those who live in Kent but work in Essex, and vice versa. It would also open up opportunities for people to travel to either side for work, when they might not have considered it before (current bus service isn’t reliable or regular enough).

The concept is a good idea and will provide a much needed alternative transportation offering that reduces the reliance on cars. It will open up cross county cycling opportunities to a wide range of cyclists from both sides of the river.

Any extra transport links between Essex and Kent would be worth Pursuing Particularly if can take traffic off the existing road crossing.

Excellent idea. Transport for local people, rather than current investment all targeted at those passing through!

Really good idea. As mentioned, getting from Kent to Essex for non drivers is difficult currently – this would greatly improve that situation

Feedback obtained via the KenEx Tram online survey during 2020.

We thank you for the time you have taken in completing our survey.
We value your suggestions and feedback.